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Hilltop Youth Shelter At-A-Glance

This crisis shelter is a temporary shelter for any youth ages 11-17. Including housing and structured programming. Intended to begin re-building family connections to avoid future runaways, lock-outs, and/or youth homelessness.

Our Hilltop Youth Shelter

Our Hilltop Youth Shelter is a crisis shelter available to youth that are currently homeless due to a parental lock-out or youth runaway. We provide a safe and structured setting with support and family centered counseling services. Basic necessities are provided to meet the youth's immediate shelter and safety needs. Coordination with school and other youth services occur while the youth is at the shelter. The shelter has the capacity for three youths at a time.

All referrals will go through the Comprehensive Community Based Youth Services program.


If you are a client, please contact your caseworker first and foremost. Below are individuals that can be contacted in the case of an emergency or for questions/concerns.

Candice Dunker

CCBYS & Hilltop Shelter Supervisor

217-542-5663 ext. 101

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