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In additional to monetary donations, Webster Cantrell Youth Advocacy accepts donations of new and gently-used items that we can give to our children, youth, adults, and families in need.


Some items currently in need include, but are not limited to:

  • Diapers & Pull-ups

  • Baby wipes

  • Baby formula

  • Headphones

  • School supplies

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Masks & Person Protective Equipment (PPE)

There are many ways to help at Webster Cantrell Youth Advocacy


One of the biggest and easiest ways to help Webster Cantrell Youth Advocacy is to support us through donations. Webster Cantrell Youth Advocacy is a nonprofit organization that needs the help of the community to continue to be in business and help approximately 2,000 clients yearly.

There are multiple different campaigns here that you can specifically donate to, such as: Capital Campaign, Endowment Campaign, and Memorial/Honorariums. Or, you can donate to Webster Cantrell Youth Advocacy in general and your donation will automatically be placed where it is currently needed the most. To learn more about these individually, find them listed with descriptions further down this page.

Don’t have money to spare, but you do have items? That works too! A lot of children, youth, adults, and families we serve do not have what they need. You could help; donating basic supplies such as bed frames, pots and pans, school supplies, and more is always welcome. We also have specific items our clients are in need of. You can find this list on the far left side of this page, under the navigation menu.

If you would like to donate in person, or have any questions or concerns, please contact our Director of Marketing & Giving:

Holly Newbon
Director of Marketing & Giving
217-423-6961 ext. 2138

Capital Campaign


Why is a Capital Campaign necessary?  Webster Cantrell Youth Advocacy facilitates an on-going campaign to raise capital to support many of the important initiatives to implement and improve programs and service, as well as, provide for the upkeep of the extensive facilities necessary to reach nearly 2,000 clients yearly.  Some significant economic issues lead to the necessity of raising capital.  Having a zero based budget requires the agency to spend income from contracts directly into services and related costs.

The contracts generally do not support infrastructure improvements to facilities.  Additionally, contracts for services generally cover between 70%-80% of the costs of providing the services.  This gap in contract revenues and expenses do not allow for or provide any direct contributions to the Agency Capital funds to help ensure the effective operation of programs.  This last year was significant in depleting the Memorial Investment Account as the Agency had many unforeseen Capital costs; including remodeling a private residence to create the Webster Girls’ Group Home.

How does the Agency generate and maintain their Capital account?  Webster Cantrell Youth Advocacy has a policy of placing all memorials and honorariums into the Memorial Investment Account.  The Agency uses these funds exclusively for Capital expenses.

How can I help?  Your gift can go directly into the Memorial Investment Account by designating your gift accordingly.  In addition naming opportunities exist to recognize and celebrate your Capital gift in helping work with children, youth and families in troubled circumstances.  For more information contact the Fund Development Director.

Endowment Campaign


What is an endowment fund?  An endowment fund is an investment in the future of our community by providing ongoing financial security, while helping children, youth and families in troubled circumstances.  The endowment funds raised from our generous donors are carefully invested.  The interest generated by the fund supports the mission of Webster Cantrell Youth Advocacy.  In 2007, Webster-Cantrell Hall began the Securing Our Future Endowment Campaign to address long term financial security.  The Securing Our Future Campaign is intended to continue until the Agency celebrates its 100th Anniversary in 2016.

Why is the endowment important?  The Endowment funds are critical to the success and continued operation of Webster Cantrell Youth Advocacy.  Contracts for services generally provide between 70-80% of the total cost of operations.  Earnings from the endowment investments go toward this deficiency in revenues.

As Mr. Crowe, previous CEO, relates, “The Endowment funds this agency has received in its first 90 years of existence have made it possible to provide services to children and their families in troubled circumstances.  Without these funds, WCH would not have celebrated its 90th Anniversary in November 2006.”

What can you do?  Secure the futures of many of the most vulnerable in our community by contributing a gift, which will generate funds to meet the continuing needs of children for many years.  Naming opportunities exist to recognize your gift and can directly support programs and services of your choice.  Contact the Fund Development Director with any questions regarding gifts.

“Other types of funding are constantly changing and sometimes coming to an end, but a secure endowment is always there for our children.  I ask that you consider helping to secure the future for our children by giving a generous gift to this truly remarkable agency as it nears its 100thAnniversary,”  Robin Crowe, past CEO.



You can memorialize a loved one or pay tribute to someone special in your life while helping those in need in our community. When you make a Memorial or Honor Gift, Webster Cantrell Youth Advocacy will send an acknowledgement card to the family or honoree. Gifts are also recognized in this newsletter.  All Memorials and Honorariums go directly to the Memorial Investment Account and are used for Capital expenses.

Click here to donate online.


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