Outpatient Counseling At-A-Glance

Everyone can use some help at some time in their lives. If you're feeling anxious, depressed, confused, or overwhelmed; if you want to improve your relationship with your spouse, children, and/or other family members; or you just need help dealing with feelings or issues that seem beyond your control, we are here to help. Our desire is for children, adolescents, and adults to reach their fullest potential by living lives that are relationally, emotionally, and psychologically healthy.

Our Counseling Program

Our counseling services provide specialized counseling and case management to children, adolescents, adults, and their families to address mental health issues. Services can be provided in the home, school of the identified client, or in an office setting. Our counseling services are provided to meet Medicaid mental health criteria.

We specialize in counseling in many different areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Separation / Divorce

  • Anger Management

  • Trauma / PTSD

  • Marriage and Family problems

  • Self-Esteem issues

  • Crisis

  • Suicide

  • Life-Skills

  • Autism

How to use our Counseling Program

Counseling services are open to the following:

  • DCFS referrals

  • Referrals from the Macon County area

Lindsay Lyon

Director of DCFS Supportive Services

217-422-7864 ext. 158


Aimee Crask

Clinical Director

217-233-6811 ext. 3217


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