Adoption At-A-Glance

Adoption provides permanent homes for children who are unable to be returned home to their birth parents. At Webster Cantrell Youth Advocacy, children with an adoption permanency goal have been in Foster Care placement with their prospective Adoptive Family for a significant period of time. Our Adoption staff work very closely with the child and Adoptive Parents to help educate them on the adoption process and achieve their goals.

Our Adoption Program

Our Adoption program focuses on the best interest of the child and the lifelong commitment for the child and Adoptive Family. Adoptive Parents are licensed Foster Parents who have been through the traditional PRIDE training through our licensing program. Adoptive Parents in Illinois are required to complete specific training on adoption-related issues.

Once an adoption goal has been determined by the court system, the Adoption caseworker must begin working diligently with the Adoptive Family to complete an Adoption packet, which includes background clearances and social history on the child and Adoptive Family. Once this packet is completed it is reviewed by legal and DCFS for approval.

Most Adoptive Families are eligible for a monthly subsidy from the state of Illinois, a medical card, and other possible benefits which financially assist the Adoptive Family. These can include additional services that are determined to be clinically necessary for the child. An example would be continued counseling after the completed adoption, or other intervention services for the child.

Upon approval of the subsidy packet, legal will be notified and a final court date for the adoption will be scheduled. This is a time of great celebration for the child, the Adoptive Family, and the Adoption caseworker. This process can take upwards to 12 months. However, due to unforeseen circumstances and high caseloads, the process may take 18 to 24 months.

Private Adoptions

We also offer Private Adoptions. Private Adoptions require that we complete background checks, a home study of the adopting family, and submit the written home study to the adopting family’s attorney. We also must testify in the adoption finalization court hearing. Once this is all completed and a fee of $1,500 has been paid, the adoption is finalized.

Bridget Walls

Assistant Director of Foster Care

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