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Youth Housing Program At-A-Glance

Case management program designed for adolescents who are at risk of becoming homeless upon emancipation from DCFS. These services include: assistance with locating housing, employment, and other items necessary to sustain independence within the community.

Housing Advocacy

Housing advocacy services assist clients in obtaining and/or maintaining stable housing.

Services include:

  • Assistance in securing affordable housing

  • Consumer education

  • Budget counseling

  • Linkages to community-based resources (i.e. assistance with utilities, clothing, and food)

  • Follow-up services for a minimum of three months after the client secures appropriate housing

"It can take weeks or even months to locate adequate housing. Caseworkers assisting youth with an open DCFS case should refer youth up to six months before they transition from DCFS care."

Housing Advocacy Eligibility​


Youth applying for housing advocacy services must:

  • Be at least 17.5 and less than 21 years of age

  • Have an open DCFS case and be within six months of transferring out of DCFS care or be a former youth who was emancipated (Note: Youth who entered adoption or subsidized guardianship after their 14th birthday are also eligible)

  • Be homeless or in significant danger of becoming homeless if assistance is not provided

Referral Process​

Youth under the age of 21 who have transitioned from DCFS care should contact the Youth Housing Assistance Program Coordinator or a DCFS contracted Youth Housing Advocate directly.

Caseworkers who are serving youth who are within six months of transitioning out of DCFS care can refer youth to the program. Caseworkers should complete form CFS 370-5YHAP.

Youth Housing Assistance Program: Cash Assistance or Housing Advocacy Services, obtain appropriate approvals and submit the request to:

The DCFS YHAP Coordinator

Phone: 312-328-2159

Fax: 312-328-2478


Please contact the DCFS YHAP Coordinator for more information on the program.


If you are a client, please contact your caseworker first and foremost. Below are individuals that can be contacted in the case of an emergency or for questions/concerns.

Amanda Aubert

Norman & Youth Housing Supervisor

217-422-7864 ext. 155

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